Ethical Management


Responsibility and promise to shareholders, customers, and partner firms to practice righteous management and social responsibility

Since DL’s establishment and declaration of ethics code, we have been continuously revising and distributing the ethics code and practice guidelines by actively reflecting international norms and social requirements. Through this, each employee is laying the foundation for continuous growth to compete in the world market by internalizing the ethics code.

Ethics charter

This expresses DL’s value of practicing righteous management as a corporate culture.

Ethics code

This is the standard for right behaviors and value judgment that employees should maintain.

Consists of employees’ basic ethics and attitudes toward customers, fair trade and competition, and responsibility toward employees and corporate social responsibility.

Oath of practicing the ethics code

This is the oath of our employees to put the ethics code into practice.


Values of DL which conducts integrity management as corporate culture

With full awareness that integrity management is the driving force of corporate competitiveness, we, the employees of DL, are determined to enact and practice the charter of business ethics as the standard of value assessment and code of conduct in order to build integrity and trust-based corporate culture.

Based on integrity and trust, we dutifully observe the internal rules of ethics and applicable laws and take the initiative in building an honorable and principled corporate culture.
We respect our customers and value their confidence. In addition, we achieve customer satisfaction and gain their trust by providing services which can create customer values.
We practice fair competition in all business activities and pursue mutual benefits and prosperity by building mutual trust and cooperative relationship through open and transparent transactions.
We respect our employees, make our best efforts to provide opportunities to nurture creativity and conduct impartial evaluation.
We protect shareholders’ profits, create a comfortable and prosperous life for customers and contribute to community development by evolving into a dependable company through rational business activities.


Standards of proper behaviors and value judgment that should be observed by employees

DL shall grow and evolve to become a global company and fulfill our duties as a forerunner with the management principles of ‘Creation of Future,’ ‘Human Respect’ and ‘Customer Trust’ based on the corporate philosophy of ‘Creation of Comfortable and Prosperous Life’ and ‘Infinite Growth and Development.’
For this, we enact the Code of Business Ethics for the directors and employees of DL as objective standards to assess proper and decent behavior and to be observed dutifully in all business activities.

Chapter I Basic Ethics for Employees

All employees of DL shall perform all duties based on integrity and trust without violating ‘the Hansup Spirit’ and complete their duties through just practices.

Establishment of an Honorable Corporate Culture

We share the management philosophy of the Company, understand the common goals and values set by the Company and fulfill our duties according to the corporate policies.

We shall develop organizational culture based on clear communication and mutual trust among colleagues.

We shall perform our duties diligently in a fair manner and observe the internal regulations of the Company and applicable laws.

Duty of Good Faith

We shall NOT engage in any activities which are against the interest of the Company. If there is a conflict of interest with the Company or among teams, we shall serve the interest of the Company as our top priority.

We shall perform our duties with due care to avoid causing damages, intentionally or recklessly, to the Company.

Fair Practices

We shall fulfill our obligations in an honest and fair manner and make our best efforts at all times to build an honorable corporate culture.

We shall NOT engage in any immoral or unethical acts which could tarnish the Company’s name.

We shall NOT obtain any wrongful profits by abusing our position

The scope of prohibited actions and the standards of conduct related to the employee’s performance of their duties shall be as follows - Prohibition on Acceptance of Money, Gifts, Entertainment and/or Accommodation
- Prohibition on Solicitation for Employment
- Prohibition on Monetary Transactions with Interested Parties
- Protection of Assets and Important Information of the Company
- Prohibition on Sexual Harassment

Chapter II Attitude towards Customers

We shall respect our customers and value customer confidence as a creator of ‘Comfortable and Prosperous Life.’ We achieve customer satisfaction and gain their trust by providing services that creates customer values.

Customer Respect

We shall always be fully aware of our customers.

We shall serve our customers closely and be attentive to their voices.

We shall always think of our customers and make a decision from their perspective.

Customer Confidence

We shall fulfill promises made with our customers or vendors.

We shall maintain reliability of our products and services.

We shall NOT engage in any activities which exceed the scope of social norm and societal expectations.

Customer Value

We shall recognize and analyze our customers’ diverse needs and demands.

We shall provide services which create customer values.

We shall provide general services which can strengthen internal competence.

Chapter III Fair Transaction and Competition

We observe all applicable laws and regulations for our business activities, compete with others in a fair manner, build mutual trust and cooperative relationship through fair business practices and pursue common profits and shared growth with our partners.

Respect for Laws and Commercial Practices

We shall observe all applicable laws in each country and respect commercial practices in conducting our business activities.

We shall adhere to OECD Anti-Bribery Convention in conducting international business transactions.

Fair Competition

We shall satisfy our customers with the highest quality and services, gain customer confidence and stay competitive through a fair and free competition.

We shall NOT violate the profits of competitors in an unfair manner, nor take advantage of their weakness in a dishonest manner.

Fair Transaction

All transactions shall be conducted according to fair trade conditions and procedures on equal terms.

Any unfair acts such as bribery or violation of bona-fide transaction shall be prohibited.

Shared Profits and Development

We shall establish collaborative relationship to build open and transparent business environment.

We shall promote technology improvement and development and pursue shared profits and development by lifting community spirit.

Chapter IV Obligations towards Employees

We shall respect our employees and treat them fairly based on their capabilities and achievements. In addition, we shall take necessary actions for employees’ health and safety and provide opportunities to nurture their creativity.

Human Respect

We shall treat each employee with respect.

We shall make employees feel proud and satisfied.

Nurturing the Talent

We shall offer an opportunity for self-development and growth to develop autonomous and creative talents with sound moral consciousness.

Fair Treatment

We shall establish and disclose standards for capability and achievements assessments and give fair evaluation and compensation.

We shall treat the employees equally without any discrimination.

Responsibilities on Health and Safety

We shall take necessary measures for our employees’ health and safety at work.

Chapter V Corporate Social Responsibility

We protect shareholders’ profits, create a comfortable and prosperous life for our customers and contribute to community development by evolving into a dependable company through rational business activities.

Contribution to National and Community Development

We shall keep developing values for the Nation and the community.

We shall NOT engage in business activities which may be an obstacle for the national and community development and respect social values in all our business activities.

We shall offer a convenient and comfortable life by improving the quality of products and services through continuous technology development.

Protection of Shareholders

We shall protect our shareholders’ interests through realization of profits and prudent investments.

We shall make continued efforts to enhance corporate values through disclosure of corporate information, publicity and Investor Relations (IR).

Environmental Protection

We shall strictly observe the environmental regulations and international conventions on environmental protection.

We shall make continued efforts to minimize negative environmental effects from our business activities, products and services. In addition, we shall reduce consumption of resources and practice recycling and prevention of environmental pollution.

We shall provide appropriate education and training programs to encourage all employees to participate in activities for the environmental management and to become aware of the importance of the environment.

We shall assert best efforts for development of technologies to prevent environmental pollution.

Political Neutrality

Employees shall NOT engage in political activities during working hours or use the organization, manpower and assets of the Company for political purposes.

Each employee’s political rights and opinions shall be respected. However, individual opinions should NOT be interpreted as the stance of the Company.

Supplementary Provisions
Preparation of the Code of Business Ethics Commitment Oath

All employees shall be fully aware of the Code of Business Ethics and take an oath to assert their best efforts to observe the Code to maintain dignity and integrity as members of DL.

Reporting of violations and accepting bribes

Any violation of the Code of Business Ethics must be reported to the Bureau of Ethics Management at the earliest and the most convenient instance.

Any money and/or gifts accidentally received from an interested party that cannot be returned, ‘Unwanted Money/Gift Receipt Report’ must be written and submitted to the Bureau of Ethics Management along with the money and gifts received.

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- E-mail :

Rewards and Disciplinary Actions

Employees who have observed the ethics management and made a contribution to ethics management activities shall be rewarded.

Employees who have violated the Code of Business Ethics and the commitment guidelines shall be disciplined in accordance with the internal regulations.


If issues relating to the ethics management of the Company arise, which has not be contemplated in the Code of Business Ethics or, if dispute arises in its interpretation, it shall be interpreted according to the applicable laws and by the Management Consulting Team.

Priority over other internal regulations

The Code of Business Ethics shall have priority over other internal regulations.

Code of Business Ethics Commitment Oath

I have carefully read and am fully informed of the Code of Business Ethics and Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. I pledge to observe the Code dutifully and actively participate in the Company’s ethics management.

Prohibition on acceptance of money, gifts, entertainment and/or accommodation

Employees shall NOT request or receive any money, gifts, entertainment and/or accommodation from any interested parties.

Employees shall NOT provide money or, gifts and entertainment or accommodation exceeding the scope of social norm to any interested parties including suppliers.

Any money or gift offered shall be politely rejected or returned. ※ Interested parties : Employees, customers, partners and government employees whose rights or interest may, directly or indirectly, influence and/or be influenced by our business activities

Prohibition on monetary transactions with interested parties

Employees shall NOT engage in debt transactions (ex: Loans, guarantees, etc.) with interested parties.

Protection of assets and important information of the Company

Employees shall protect the tangible and intangible assets of the Company and NOT use them for personal purposes

Employees shall NOT disclose material information which could have a significant impact on the profits of the Company

Prohibition on acquiring wrongful profits or engaging in acts which cause loss to the Company by abusing their position

Guide to tip-off

This is a guide to the reception of tip-off about DL employees’ illegal and unfair trading.
We make it a rule to protect informants through rigorous confidentiality via the “Information protection and written confidentiality oath” of the relevant employees so that they can provide the information safely.

Contact information
- When providing information, describe it clearly by using the 5W 1H principle and based on fact.
- If there is relevant data (photo/video, document, tape-recording), it will be of great help to a quick and precise investigation.
- If concrete factual relations are not revealed, or if the details of the provided information are insufficient, investigation may not be performed.