Sustainability management

ESG Evaluation Rating: A (Evaluation Agency : KCGS)

Sustainability management

Management Approach

Customers are the broadest group among stakeholders, and customer-oriented management is an essential part of corporate sustainability. Therefore, it is critical for companies to adopt a customer-oriented approach to their business operation and deliver the best quality and services based on trust.

KEY Performance Indicators — KPIs
No. of remaining AS cases at the time of move-in 2020


No. of disputes in 2020


Explore areas of BIO/

materials Key Index : Eco-friendly R&D Project Development

R&D Investment in 2020

KRW 13,307.4million

No. of R&D personnel


Management Approach

In response to a growing awareness that CSR is not only limited to economic performance but also includes contributions to local communities, many companies commit to creating social values through close relationships with the communities.

KEY Performance Indicators — KPIs
Total CSR Expenditure

KRW 7.7billion

Increase of Total CSR Expenditure from Previous Year


No. of Annual Visitors to D Museum

97,223(Reduced in 2020 due to COVID-19 pandemic)

Annual Employee Volunteer Hours


No. of Annual Employee Volunteers


Management Approach

Companies are creating synergies through collaboration in their industries, and as a result, shared growth with partners through sustainable supply chain management is becoming more important. We are committed to creating a healthy industrial ecosystem by managing risks in the value chain and fulfilling our responsibilities and efforts for shared growth between large and small businesses.

KEY Performance Indicators — KPIs
Win-Win Cooperation Fund Raised

KRW 100 billion (direct financing KRW 50 B/win-win fund KRW 50 B)

Support for 2nd/3rd-Tier Partners

Introduced Nomubi.comand full subsidization
for transfer fees

Performance Guarantee Rate

50% discountand
issue fees (For Best Partners)


100% Cash Payment
(within 15days)

Management Approach

Providing safe and healthy workplaces is an integral part of sustainable growth. As the importance of safety and health management increases, the government is strengthening the Serious Accident Punishment Act and other safety regulations emphasizing the need to establish a systematic safety and health management.

KEY Performance Indicators — KPIs
No. of participants who completed training in safety experience school

2,793 (Jan. 2019 - Dec. 2020)

No. of companies completed Level 1 Training after the introduction of D-SEP (Daelim-Safety Enhancement Program for partner)


No. of process accidents


Management Approach

In response to growing importance of employees as a source of corporate innovation and creativity, companies are implementing various programs to recruit, develop, and retain talent. Therefore, the focus of human resource management is on offering various programs so that the talented workforce can stay in the company for a long time. At DL E&C, we promote respect for human rights and a horizontal organizational culture by establishing systematic talent development strategies based on the Concept of Hansup Person.

KEY Performance Indicators — KPIs
Development and Operation of New Online Training Programs


Increasing Female Managers

2% (No. of Female Managers/Positions YOY)

Rate of returning to work after maternity leave


Rate of performance evaluation target


Annual training hours per employee

72hours (in addition to legal training)

Management Approach

The international community is strengthening policies and regulatory requirements on climate change to minimize the environmental impact caused by global warming. Countries declared the “2050 Net-Zero” goal, and the Korean government has also announced the 2050 Carbon Neutral Declaration and the 2050 Carbon Neutrality Committee under the president while further raising the national GHG emission reduction target by 2030. As a result, there is a growing importance on our ability to preemptively manage risks due to climate change throughout our business operation by engaging in energy-saving programs and expanding GHG emission reduction projects as part of our environmental investment efforts.

KEY Performance Indicators — KPIs
Reduced GHG emission intensity (domestic) compared to the previous year


Recycling of wastes generated from construction work

99.8% (Achieved 100% in 2020)

Recycling of water used for construction work

40.2% (Achieved 100% in 2020)

No. of Environmental Accidents (contamination spills)


Sustainability Management Report

Contains the progress and commitment we made towards sustainable growth in DL.
This will for us to share our performance and activities for the previous year and reflect stakeholders’ inputs in our practice.

2021년 Sustainability Management Report

2021 Sustainability Management Report

2020년 Sustainability Management Report

2020 Sustainability Management Report