Ethical Management

We establish and practice ethics that our employees need to follow

The DL Ethics Charter contains DL’s value of practicing righteous management. Ethical management means practicing the ethics regulations prescribed by the company and complying with various laws and regulations on business. Based on the foundation philosophy of honesty and reliability, we have implemented righteous management from the initial stage of company foundation. Since the declaration of the ethical management in 2000, DL has been establishing and operating the global-level ethical management system.

We practice ethical management continuously aiming at the “World’s Best.”

DL makes great efforts for sustainability management aiming at the “World’s Best” through vigorous and diverse ethical management activities.

Laying the foundation for righteous management and corporate culture dissemination

Based on the DL spirit of creating a pleasant, enriched life, laying the foundation for righteous management and disseminating the corporate culture

Declaration of new business philosophy based on ethical management in 2000

Construction of the sustainability management system

Establishment and revision of ethics code and practice guidelines, opening of online reporting system, and launching of ethical management bureau

Adoption of fair trade compliance program in 2003

Dissemination of autonomous practice culture, sharing activity diffusion, and execution of group self-purification campaign

Taking off
Reorganization of global-level management system based on ethical management

Renewal declaration of ethics code and practice guidelines in 2019

Acquired B+ integrated grade in the ESG evaluation by the Korea Corporate Governance Service (KCGS) in 2020

Reconstruction of the operation system of DL’s fair trade compliance program (CP) in 2020


Ethical management promotion system

DL is promoting systematic ethical management activities under the oversight activities of the Audit Committee composed of outside directors along with the CEO’s commitment to ethical management.

Oversight of the CEO
and the Audit Committee

Fair trade

Operation of fair trade CP

Disclosure of fair trade principles to customers, partner firms, and competitors and compliance with them

Execution of self-inspection

Prevention of corruption

Distribution of ethics code and practice guidelines

Oath of practicing ethics code

Operation of a corruption prevention program

- Audit of ethical management - Operation of a tip-off system

Education on ethics and law compliance for employees