Responding to Global Climate Change

DL carries out activities to respond to the climate crisis at the group level to achieve 2050 Carbon Neutrality (Net-Zero). Construction subsidiaries have joined the TCFD1) supporters for the first time in Korea, and are actively promoting necessary infrastructure projects as a leading green construction company, such as the introduction of an energy management system and promotion of new carbon capture (CCUS2)) projects. Petrochemical affiliates are making efforts to shift the future eco-friendly paradigm by focusing on energy efficiency, environmental impact reduction activities, and ecofriendly product development.

(FY 2022)
  • GHG Reduction Rate (Compared to 2018)


  • GHG Emissions Intensity Improvement Rate


  • Ratio of Low-Emission Vehicles


  • Increased Use of Renewable Energy


  • Introduction of Eco-Friendly Facilities


Enabling the Circular Economy

DL is making efforts to minimize waste generation from the manufacturing process and maximize resource circulation and recycling rates in order to activate the circular economy, managing waste emissions in real-time with advanced waste management processes and systems. Resource circulation activities are promoted in consideration of the characteristics of each affiliate’s business. As for raw materials that have already been used, they are managed at the group level with the goal of ‘Zero-Waste’ to increase the recycling rate in the product and service production process.

(FY 2022)
  • Waste Recycling Rate


  • Acquired Eco-friendly
    Certification for PE products

    GRS Cert.

  • Waste Recycling Rate


  • Increased Use of Recycled Raw Materials

    4% right arrow 16%

  • Resource Circulation Campaign


Driving Eco-Friendly New Business

The major subsidiaries of DL are strengthening their eco-friendly business drive to provide ecofriendly products, solutions, and technologies according to customer needs by taking advantage of their industrial strengths. We are discovering new eco-friendly businesses that will lead the practice of carbon neutrality and momentum for future growth and promote strategic cooperation with partners equipped with innovative technology and competitiveness. Furthermore, we are expanding investment in eco-friendly facilities and R&D to secure our foundation for environmental management.

(FY 2022)
  • Establishment of CCUS Business


  • Reduction of Plastic Usage When D.FINE Packaging is Applied


  • Power Generation Capacity of New Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Plant


  • Environmental Management Cost Compared to Plan